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Do I Need Insurance for a Vintage Motorbike?

Do you need motorbike insurance for a vintage motorbike you never ride? It would seem paying for coverage for a bike stored in your garage is a waste of money. However, there are some good reasons why keeping your vintage bike insurance is a wise idea.

Keeping Your Options Open

You may want to take your vintage motorbike out for a short spin on a sunny day even if you’d planned to keep your bike in storage long-term. However, residents who ride a vintage motorbike without insurance could be fined in Evansville, IN. You could also have your license or vehicle’s registration suspended.

You Want to Keep Your Bike Protected

A comprehensive vintage motorbike insurance policy will compensate you if your bike is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by a natural disaster. You may have to pay thousands of dollars for needed repairs without insurance coverage. Alternatively, you may lose your bike permanently with no financial relief.

Maintaining Year-Long Coverage May be Your Cheapest Option

Evansville, IN, insurance policies are annual policies. If you cancel your insurance policy and then decide to resume coverage later on, the cost of starting a new policy may be higher than you had anticipated. What’s more, some insurance companies will charge a fee if you cancel coverage before the end of the contract.

Vintage Motorbike Insurance from Trestle Insurance Agency Inc.

Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. is an independent insurance provider. We work with multiple insurance carriers to provide Evansville, IN, residents with policy options tailored to meet their needs. If you want to learn more about insuring a vintage motorbike or explore our insurance policy options, contact us at your convenience.

Boating Season is Almost Here – Are You Ready?

Yes, finally, it is that time of year again. Boat owners and enthusiasts from all around the Evansville, IN, area wait and endure all winter—boating season. Before we get too anxious and start pulling our seaworthy vessels from storage and prepping those trailers, however, we should ensure we have the protection we need before hitting the open water. That is also where the help of your local and friendly agents at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. can help.

Preparing for Boat Season and Boat Safety

There are many things to do before your boat is ready to sail. From that seasonal wax for both esthetics and practical benefits to that safety checklist, getting our boats ready for the season is a labor of love. In all that excitement of preparation, though, don’t let your boat insurance become an oversight.

Along with your safety checklist, adding boat insurance to the list of things to do might be a good idea. That may mean updating your policy, getting new coverage, or doing a check-up to ensure everything is in order. After all, it is the Captain’s job to inspect every nook and cranny. The good news is, with boat insurance, boat owners can feel like many of those safeguards have been handled. Like our life jackets and safety preservers, we never want to need them, but we sure are happy to have them when we do!

For All Your Boat Insurance Needs

Are you ready for boat season yet? If you live in or around the Evansville, IN area and have questions or would like help with boat insurance, the friendly and professional team at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment today for the protection your seaworthy vessel deserves.

How To File an Umbrella Insurance Claim

A Detailed Guide on Achieving Additional Protection with Umbrella Insurance

In Evansville, IN, an unforeseen event can sometimes result in a liability claim that exhausts the coverage provided by your standard automotive or home insurance policy. In such cases, filing an umbrella insurance claim to cover any shortfall might be necessary. With Trestle Insurance Agency, you can learn how to navigate this filing process seamlessly.

Filing a Liability Claim

The first step is filing your liability claim. This claim can be filed directly through your existing insurance provider, and it will cover the initial costs associated with the claim. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to review your case, assess the value of the damage, and report their findings to the insurance provider.

Filing an Umbrella Insurance Claim

If your liability insurance claim is likely to cost more than your standard policy covers, it’s time to file an umbrella insurance claim. As secondary coverage, umbrella insurance steps in to pay costs not initially covered. Again, this claim can be filed with your existing provider.

Insurance Form And Adjuster Consultation

The first step in claim filing is to complete a form. Once your paperwork is filed, an insurance adjuster may contact you for a consultation. After answering any questions about the claim, your umbrella insurance will cover incurred costs, including legal fees, if approved.

Contact Trestle Insurance Agency for Personalized Assistance

With an understanding of the umbrella insurance claims process under your belt, you can confidently file a claim when the need arises. The team at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. is always ready to provide additional assistance and answer any questions you may have regarding umbrella insurance and the claim filing process. Visit us today!

Three Things All Safe Drivers Have in Common

Driving in Evansville, IN warrants the same concerns as anywhere else, and that also requires getting the auto insurance coverage safe drivers need. That is also why drivers from all around the Evansville area turn to the Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. team for their auto insurance solutions.

Three Things All Safe Drivers Have in Common

All safe drivers have three things in common: good driving habits, adherence to safety protocols, and auto insurance. Safe drivers appreciate the importance of defensive driving and following driving laws. Safe drivers also adhere to safety protocols, such as wearing seatbelts, and safe drivers are always insured drivers.

Auto Insurance: Just Because You Never Know

We never know when we might experience a mechanical failure, get hit by another driver, or need auto insurance coverage. That is also why safe drivers are always prepared for the unknown and unpredictable with effective auto insurance solutions.

What Every Driver Involved in an Accident Should Know

If you are in an accident, it is important to understand what steps to take next. The first step is to contact the police. Even for the most minor accidents, a police report will prove to be a valuable tool when filling out a claim. It is also a good idea to collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved. 

When possible, it will help to record the license plate numbers and VINs of all the vehicles involved in the accident too. Finally, don’t forget to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. 

If you need an insurance company for your auto insurance needs in or around Evansville, IN, then we at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. invite you to reach out to us today!

Life Insurance FAQs

If you don’t have questions about life insurance, you must be an insurance agent. Most people have lots of questions and having an independent insurance agent who they can trust is important. Our team at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. in Evansville, IN is here to answer your questions and provide the support you require. 

Life Insurance FAQs

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is designed to pay a death benefit to the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. It allows you to provide security for your loved ones when you are not there to provide for them. It can also pay for your final expenses so that your loved ones are not saddled with expenses they may be unable to pay. Think about those who count on you when deciding how much life insurance you need. 

Do I need more life insurance than my work provides?

Life insurance provides financial security for your family.  Do you really want your employer to determine how much support your family will need? What happens if you get laid off or change employers? What then?  It is always a good idea to have your own life insurance and to consider what is provided by your employer as a nice bonus that can help your family. 

Can I get life insurance without a physical?

The simple answer is yes, but there is a caveat. You will pay more for life insurance than you purchase without a physical, and you may not be able to get the amount that you need. You will still have to answer health questions, and you need to be honest. Only get this type of life insurance as a last resort. 

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Contact Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. in Evansville, IN when the time is right to discuss your life insurance. Let us give you a no-obligation quote today. 

Climate Change and Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

As the impacts of climate change intensify, homes face new and heightened risks, prompting a critical reassessment of home insurance coverage. Here at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater Evansville, IN area, we want to help you understand climate change and its implications for homeowners.

Rising Threats: Extreme Weather Events

Climate change is amplifying the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. From hurricanes and wildfires to severe storms, homes are increasingly vulnerable to these threats. Traditional home insurance policies may fall short of providing adequate coverage for the damages incurred during such events.

Specialized Coverage: Tailoring Protection to Climate Risks

Recognizing the changing climate landscape, homeowners are urged to explore specialized insurance coverage. This may include policies specifically designed to address the risks associated with extreme weather events, flooding, and other climate-related perils. These tailored solutions provide a more comprehensive safety net, aligning with the evolving realities of climate change.

Mitigating Risks: Homeowner Preparedness Beyond insurance, proactive homeowner preparedness is paramount. Implementing measures such as home fortifications, storm-resistant infrastructure, and sustainable landscaping can help mitigate risks. Additionally, staying informed about climate-related risks in your region and adapting your home accordingly enhances overall resilience.

We Are Here To Help

The intersection of climate change and home insurance underscores the need for a proactive and adaptable approach. Homeowners must recognize the evolving risks, explore specialized coverage options, and actively engage in strategies to fortify their homes against the changing climate. If you’re looking to purchase a home insurance policy that protects you and your home from elements common to climate change, reach out to Trestle Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater Evansville, IN area today.

Liability Coverage From Renter’s Insurance

When you get renter’s insurance, there are a number of different types of coverage that will be included in it. Chief among them is protection for your belongings against damage and paying for a place to live if the home becomes uninhabitable for a while. In addition to these, there is an amount of liability insurance that comes as a part of the policy. When you want to make sure you’re covered as a renter, call us at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. in Evansville, IN to find out more. 

Liability for Renters

A lot of things can happen to people inside your rented home. When you have people over, have a worker present, etc., there’s always the possibility that they could have an accident there. If they were injured in an accident, you would have liability for the costs that are involved. There may be a number of different types of bills after an accident with injuries, and they can be sky-high. Medical bills alone can be extremely high. Many renters would have a hard time paying for these bills. It could mean serious financial strain that can cause you financial problems for a long time. 

Bills You May Owe

The medical bills are generally what people think about when they think of liability for an accident. However, they aren’t the only bills that you may need to pay. You may owe for the person’s lost wages as well as any legal bills they incur because of the accident. There may also be bills for ongoing therapies such as physical therapy. Your renter’s insurance can cover these bills to help prevent a financial disaster for you. 

Get Renter’s Insurance

Every renter needs protection for their possessions and their liability, and renter’s insurance provides it. To get started, call us at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. in Evansville, IN.    

Motorcycles Vs. Motor – Driven Cycles: What’s the Difference?

Indiana’s drivers of motorcycles and motor-driven cycles may be interested in learning the distinctions between the two vehicle types. A motorcycle is a vehicle that has a saddle or a seat for its driver. It is able to move with the use of 2–3 wheels. To legally operate a motorcycle, the driver must have a motorcycle endorsement added to their driver’s license. 

We Are Here To Help

Motorcycle riders are required to carry insurance. At Trestle Insurance Agency Inc., we can answer any of your questions about motorcycle laws and insurance. Evansville, IN motorcycle drivers can find help from our trained agents to understand Indiana regulations about your options for insurance. Motorcycle drivers are required to carry bodily injury and property damage coverage, but liability experience is also needed. 

A motor-driven cycle also has a seat or saddle and travels on 2 – 3 wheels. The main difference between motor-driven cycle vehicles and motorcycles is their cylinder capacities. The cylinder capacity of a motor-driven cycle can’t exceed 50 cubic centimeters. Motor-driven cycles can be operated by drivers aged 15 or older.

The top speed at which motor-driven vehicles can be operated is 35. Passengers aren’t permitted in those vehicles. A motor-driven cycle can’t be operated on a highway or sidewalk. Both motorcycles and motor-driven cycles require the use of a helmet for drivers under 18 years old. 

Trestle Insurance Agency is a family-owned insurance agency serving Evansville, IN drivers for over 50 years. Our agents will be happy to talk with you about all the specific applications of your insurance options. Our mission is to provide the protection you need at a price you can afford. Call us today and allow us to answer your motorcycle insurance questions. 

What To Look For In Indiana Boat Insurance

Indiana residents love water sports and lakes in the sun that hurt the eyes. While the state doesn’t require boat insurance, it’s still a good idea in case you run across something for which you weren’t prepared. For instance, if your policy doesn’t cover weather hazards, then you’re out of the money to repair your boat from hail damage. Trestle Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater Evansville, IN community, explains what to look for in boat insurance.

Specific Boat Coverage

Most policies cover collision and comprehensive, which simply means that the vessel is covered in case of collision, fire, theft, vandalism, and weather damages such as tornado damages. You’ll have this coverage if you’re paying on the vessel. That’s the only similarity, however, between home, auto, and boat insurance. 

Specific boat coverage means that if there’s a mishap while towing the boat on its trailer to a body of water, your auto insurance policy will cover said mishap. It has nothing to do with the actual vessel. It also means that your boat won’t be covered on every body of water. If you take it into a country south of the U.S., for example, don’t look for insurance in case of an emergency. The waters of the U.S. and Canada are covered.

You might want to consider extra coverage for towing when a boat is dead on the water. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

Did you know that if your boat sinks, your boat insurance will handle recovering the wreckage as well as any fuel spilled in the accident?

Go on out and enjoy those sparkling waters as you ski and ride the waves. Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. in Evansville, IN has you covered, so call or come in for more information on boat insurance.

What is the benefit that comes with getting umbrella insurance in Indiana?

For those that are in the Evansville, IN area, having proper insurance is always beneficial. One type of coverage that all people in this area need to ensure that they get is umbrella insurance. This is a unique form of liability coverage that offers a variety of benefits that make it well worth the investment. 

Coverage Against Serious Claims

One of the top benefits that will come when you sign an umbrella insurance agreement and get coverage is that you will have support against serious claims. If you end up being named liable in a home or auto-related accident, you will have coverage through your home or auto insurance plans. However, the damages can exceed the policy limits. When this occurs, you will benefit from having umbrella insurance as it will provide additional coverage on top of your existing policies. 

Broad Plan Coverage

Having an umbrella plan is also a good idea as it can offer very broad coverage. When you have an umbrella policy, it will provide you with liability support for a wide range of risks that would not be covered under other insurance liability policies. This can include risks such as slander, which are harder to prepare for. With umbrella coverage, you will receive blanket support and peace of mind. 

Reach Out To Us

It is important for individuals in the Evansville, IN area to carry umbrella insurance, particularly if they own valuable assets or have specific liability concerns. When seeking this liability coverage, calling out to our team at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. is a good decision. There are numerous options to look at when shopping for umbrella insurance, and our experienced team at Trestle Insurance Agency Inc. can help you in building a customized policy that provides the necessary support for your specific needs.

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